2014 MasterCraft ProStar1Vonore, TN ---In 1968, Rob Shirley, an aerospace engineer-turned-ski school instructor, was frustrated with the lack of technology available for towing skiers.  To solve this problem, Rob and his team designed the first true performance ski boat.  MasterCraft Hull #1 was born in a barn and the final product, the MasterCraft Skier inboard tournament ski boat, proceeded to rewrite the rules.  The boat created a revolution in the sport and it helped establish a new era in waterskiing.  While it’s impossible to say how many records and personal bests were achieved pulled by Rob Shirley’s innovation, it set the tone for a brand built on legacy, power, precision and progression.  And today that brand, MasterCraft Boats, continues Shirley’s heritance with the reveal of its newest icon, the 2014 MasterCraft ProStar.

At 20 feet in length and 96 inches in width, the new ProStar is slightly larger, yet lighter, than its predecessor – the 190 / 197.  However its’ world record capable performance, unparalleled functionality and its progressive appearance have no match.  "When setting out on the new ProStar project we wanted performance, functionality and aesthetics that would change the sport,” comments Freddy Krueger, MasterCraft Team Skier.  “I have no doubt that as this boat is released and people have an opportunity to see, drive, and ski the boat, they will agree...this boat is truly a perfect balance of the three and will change the face of the sport of skiing.”

And MasterCraft set out to do nothing less.  In the simplest terms - the new ProStar was built to make history.  The design team of engineers and athletes were given the freedom to take everything off the table and literally reinvent the ski boat.  The goal was to take the performance ski boat down to its purest essence and remove everything that would get in the way of making history on the water.  And needless to say the 2014 MasterCraft ProStar, with a wake destined to set world records and untold tens of thousands of personal bests, has accomplished its stated purpose.

2014 MasterCraft ProStar.Lo Res.2“Engineering a better wake is less about science and numbers and more about passion, vision, dedication and experience,” says Marcus Brown, MasterCraft Team Skier.  “It's impossible for me to tell you how good the new wake is.  There aren't words or phrases or even pictures - there is just a moment.  After you ski this thing, you won't even need to tell me. I'll be able to tell how good it is by the look on your face.”

Not only does the ProStar have the world’s best wakes for skiing, it has pushed the envelope on what a ski boat should be – it is the ultimate in sophistication through simplicity and purpose.  Starting at the bow, the new ProStar has a design feature that will certainly turn heads – a pickle fork design that MasterCraft originated in its line 11 years ago.  While it adds a sleek panache to the boat, its function cannot be ignored – providing a clear entry point into the boat.  But there is more to the bow than meets they eye – what about those enthusiasts who love a closed bow ski boat but know from time to time they might need bow seating?  The MasterCraft ProStar eliminates that “either/or” as it is the only ski boat to offer an optional, modular system where any ProStar owner can simply put in place a fiberglass bow lid or bow seating.  With the bow lid, the purist creates a closed bow boat with plenty of storage underneath.  Remove that bow lid and place in the innovatively designed bow seats and the skier-turned-family-man has seats for the junior buoy slashers.


As you walk through to the helm, the entire low profile dash has been designed to help the driver run through the course.  For starters, every 2014 ProStar comes standard with a 7-inch super bright, easy-to-setup touchscreen with a customized Zero Off system that brings pinpoint accuracy and consistency with every pull.  And unlike competitors’ systems, it is incredibly easy to use.  The helm area also has analog gauges to the driver’s right side for those who still want to read needles.  In addition, the dash comes complete with a dry, waterproof mini-locker to store, connect and charge today’s electronics.  And of course – the ProStar has an all-new driver’s seat designed by the likes of Will Bush who spends hours behind the wheel.  Its adjustable backrest plus its ergonomic and functional design will certainly create yet another industry standard for the often forgotten hero – the driver.  

For the passenger, there is a new standard in space and comfort.  And for the coaches, judges and kids who want to be close to the driver the ProStar has an integrated a flip-up seat next to the driver.

When it comes to storage, the script has been rewritten here as well.  For beginners, all storage lids use friction hinges eliminating the need for shocks.  But probably the most innovative design is the super sick, ultra simple floor mounted ski rack.  Placed completely out of the way is this never before seen clamping system that operates with the simple step of a foot.  Press down on the rack pedal and the racks open up – place any two skis in the rack, release your foot and the skis are held in place by a robust spring system.  To remove, simply step on the same pedal and grab your skis.  

And last but certainly not least – the stern, much like the bow, has an optional rear-seating configuration.  To lighten the load of the boat for a morning set, simply re2014 MasterCraft ProStar.Lo Res.8move the rear seats.  When there are friends or family along, reinstall the seats easily to create more accommodations.  

It began in 1968 – a brand built on legacy, power, precision and progression.  And it continues today.  We would like to formally welcome you to the new age of waterskiing.  The all-new 2014 MasterCraft ProStar.  Revealed August 7th.  Officially launching October 7th.


Length: 20 feet / 6.096 m

Width Amidship: 96 inches / 2.44 m

Boat Weight:  3300 lbs fully optioned / 1497 kg

Fuel Capacity:25 gallons /  94.6 L

Seating: 7 people

Hull: Direct Drive

Color Options: Infinite

Additional Athlete Quotes:


"Deadlines and production schedules can ruin a great product...MasterCraft did this boat right and let us work every angle until we were 100% confident the finished product was something we were not only proud to put our names on, but MasterCrafts as well.  Two years of innovation and refinement has produced a boat that can only have one name on the side."



"I've been skiing professionally now for 19 years.  This was my first real opportunity to be involved with a product design on a boat and it was an unbelievable learning process. All the way along I wanted to make sure we had a boat I felt like we can keep breaking records behind and so far I don't see that being an issue!  I'm excited about completing the project and feeling like we have the best boat on the market, but I'm even more excited for the opportunity over the next few months for people to finally see what all the buzz has been about.”



“When you set out to develop a new product and you have a main goal of improving the wake.  You first have to define what an improved or better wake actually is. No other boat, vessel or airplane or any thing else in the history of man that I know has ever been designed with wakes as a consideration.  To say that wake science is in its infancy would be an understatement and that is what made this project so challenging!”  



“I dedicated almost 2 years to the new ProStar. My skiing and my pro athlete career was put on hold.  I was given the chance to use my engineering degree within the industry that I grew to love .  Given the opportunity  to move to Tennessee, I knew I could not pass it up.  But I had to leave a lot behind, in California.  At the end of it all, to be able to look back at the challenges and the trials and the failures and successes that we have had as a design team with this project, and then see the results of all that effort… it is truly a feeling of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment that I have never experienced before. How stoked am I to see the new ProStar finally released?  Very!  But not quite as stoked as I hope you will be once you get the chance to drive and ski behind this new masterpiece we call the ProStar”

MasterCraft strives to deliver consumers the ultimate water sports experience by designing and building the world’s highest quality, best performing sports luxury boats in every significant inboard niche.  Tours of MasterCraft’s world headquarters in Vonore, Tennessee, are available Monday-Thursday from 2pm to 4pm.  For more information, model specifications, high- and low-res digital images, please contact Josh Shave at 423-884-7733