Ellie Camaro

I recently have had the honor of being sponsored by CAMARO. Joining a team that produces some of the most prestigious wetsuits on the market has been a huge honor. Before becoming part of the team, I had heard from others about the amazing quality and performance of these suits. This seemed unrealistic, taking into account how thin the wetsuit material is. However, when I finally got the opportunity to try them out for myself, I was awe-struck.

The Modetec Titanium wetsuits are among some of the products that I received from CAMARO. The first thing I noticed about this suit was how warm I stayed even after my initial jump into the water. A lot of wetsuits take a while to provide warmth because the water seeps in and then you have to wait for your body to heat it up. This is not the case with the Modetec. Wearing this suit is like armor against the cold water. Though the Modetec suits are tight fitting, they are by no means restricting. Like a second skin, they allow you to breathe. Not only are these wetsuits phenomenal at retaining heat while allowing flexibility, they also stand out in appearance. Because of the sleek, silver neoprene look, my Modetecs have been pegged as my "super" suits.

Ellie Camaro 2


Another product that I am really pleased with is the CAMARO jump suit. I was pleasantly surprised when I first pulled it on. Many times, jump suits are bulky, restrictive, and just plain uncomfortable, but not the CAMARO. This jump suit is light and thin like the Eagle jump suit, but with more flexibility, and has thick padding like the Intensity jump suit. So not only am I comfortable in it, but I feel safe. I also think it is one of the best looking jump suits out there. Anyone wearing it will look like a pro. Similarly, the CAMARO impact vest, made of spandex and nylon, is snug but also provides comfort and flexibility; and because it is padded in a way that insures a measure of safety, but still looks feminine, I love it.


One of my favorite products from CAMARO are the Aqua Skin Wave Pants. These are great to slalom and trick in. They provide awesome coverage and aren't baggy like normal board shorts. The Oneill brand has shorts similar to the wave pants, but even Oneill's smallest size is too big for a petite person like me. Camaro's shorts, because of the body forming wetsuit material, fit perfectly. All in all, I am ecstatic about all of the CAMARO products. If there is one company on the market that can not only offer style but also comfort, protection and warmth in all of their suits, it is CAMARO.

Ellie Camaro 3

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