(Oak Ridge, TN) – New smaller profile HD mirror from PTMEdge delivers HD prescription grade optics, excellent field of view and a rugged non-corrosive housing. Model VR100 PRO features a streamlined 6” x 14” housing and a 100 degree field of view, allowing boaters to maintain 360 degree control of everything in the boat, behind the boat and in front of the boat without having to turn around. The smaller version of the popular VR140 delivers the same high definition optics, superb clarity at least a 50% greater field of view than the traditional rear view mirror used by many in the past.

“The increasing demand for a smaller mirror with the same HD optics, while still delivering an uninterrupted rear field of view, drove our development engineers to create the VR100.” Stated Jeff Bohanan, President PTMEdge/Protomet Corp. “Its rugged design, smaller size and attractive price point is sure to please an increasing number of boat owners.”

The View4rce VR100 represents the line extension of high quality, precision engineered products resulting from a five year effort to design the perfect mirror system. A patent pending mirror system allows the boat driver to follow a tuber, skier or wake boarder from port to starboard inside one uninterrupted high definition mirror.


The VR100 fits the ZXR series PTMEdge aluminum billet clamshell clamp mount designed to easily accommodate any windshield trim. The ZXR mount allows boat owners to lower the mirror assembly when transporting or storing their boat, forgoing the bothersome need to remove the mirror. When in use, the two point pivot-cam mount allows the mirror to be rigidly locked one time, eliminating the repetitive shock adjustment usually required during even the routine boating experience.  When storage is required, the mirror quickly folds down to a resting position allowing the cover to be installed without having to remove the mirror.  Installs in minutes and never requires drilling into the windshield frame, eliminating any possible damage to the windshield. It represents the highest quality, is virtually indestructible and features the latest technology available. Every element of this mirror system is made in the USA by Protomet Corporation.

PTMEdge View4rce mirrors, are available at your local boat dealer, marina or online at www.ptmedge.com.


About Protomet

Protomet Corporation  provides high technology manufacturing services to customers as diverse as the US military, homeland security, the marine industry, and the automotive industry. In addition to manufacturing services, Protomet’s engineers have worked with entrepreneurs to bring new products to market. Established in 1997, Protomet’s headquarters are in Oak Ridge, TN. Protomet’s CNC operations run 24 hrs per day allowing Protomet to compete globally in high precision manufacturing.



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