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To call Josh Briant a good skier would be an understatement. This 18 year old from down under finished his last years as a junior skier at the summit of the rankings. Currently, Briant holds countless Australian records in each event and has left his mark at the top of the podium in tricks and overall at the Jr. World Championships and Jr. Moomba Masters. Though young, he has been a force to be reckoned with as he has moved into the U21 and Open divisions. Already he has claimed a trick title at the U21 World Championships, a 2nd place finish at the Moomba Masters and bronze medal at the Mandurah World Cup. While his talent on a trick ski is indeed astounding, he is also an outstanding 3-event skier, clinching titles in jump and overall at the Jr. Moomba Masters, a 3rd place finish in slalom at the Jr. Masters, 3rd in overall at the Moomba Masters and countless more. In 2013, Briant made his first appearance at the World Championships. Coming into the prelims, he was seeded 6th, which in itself was remarkable at such a young age. He flipped his way into the finals with 10,530 points and just missed a podium finish as he landed in 4th place. There is no doubt this Aussie will soon be at the pinnacle of elite skiing.

Matt Page: Research, Stats and Framing
Ellie Rae Horton: Words and Style
John Horton: Executive Editor

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