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  • Joel Poland vs Jaeden Eade || FPM Podcast #35


    Use Movement to control your destiny! Its been said that good skiers are Still...that they don't move much. Contrary to popular opinion, we believe its the opposite: the better you can move on your ski, or manipulate your ski and your body to your advantage, the better you will ski. 

    In this video, MB breaks down 2 of the worlds best left foot forward skiers out there: Joel Poland (the freak) and the newcomer Jaeden Eade.  Hope you enjoy this discussion!  Subscribe if you can, for more content just like this!

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    0:00 - Intro
    1:26 - Tuber vs Skier: a quick thought experiment
    2:30 - Joel Poland vs Jaeden Eade
    4:00 - Analysis begins
    7:06 - One of the Biggest Differences between Joel and Jaeden
    10:03 - Edge Change body position
    11:45 - Movement relative to the ski
    19:03 - Comparison Outbound into offside (buoy 2)
    20:25 - The closer you stay to the handle, the more balance in the preturn
    27:06 - “The less you move on the ski, the better you ski” is old school — Movement is King!
    28:05 - Hips and Shoulders should not always be facing the tip of the ski.
    28:50 - 2 things you can do to, today, to improve your ability to move on your ski
    29:30 - Jenny LaBaw: 2 things to try


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