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Musings on the stacked position by a newbie


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Newbie here. Thanks to all of you on this site. Your posts have made me a better skier (and addict!). Just wanted to summarize what i think i've learned re: the stacked position as a struggle to make it through 15 off. Unfortunately, I am one of those skiers who has to think through everything before I progress. It doesn't just come naturally! I would love to know where you think i'm off.


Seems to me there are 3 crucial pivot points that must be optimized: The elbows (biceps), waist, and knees.

Optimum = straight arms (no bicep flex), straight waist (not bent over), and bent knees


The following sequence is how I've found myself progressing from horrible to less horrible to a better position behind the boat:


INITIAL POSITION: flexed arms, bent forward at waist, knees bent = BAD POSITION = OTF


POSITION 2: straight arms, bent forward at waist, knees bent = still BAD POSITION


POSITION 3: straight arms, straight waist, straight legs = improved but not optimal position. This is where I am currently. Feels much more secure and effective but straight legs forces weight back resulting in loss of position at wake due to lack of ski in water. Ski goes flat early, in part because I am riding the tail where the rocker is rounded and not flat.


POSITION 4: straight arms, straight waist, bent knees = OPTIMAL POSITION. Haven't achieved this yet but light bulb when on the other day when I was shore practicing with the rope tied to my basement pole. Put myself in position 3 above (straight arms, straight waist, straight legs). Then I gradually increased my knee bend and BINGO: the more i bent my knees, the more my weight shifted forward on the "ski", the lower my body dropped, and the lower the handle fell to mid thigh. Hoping to attempt this later today. Unfortunately it takes forever to transition what I think I know in my head to making it happen with my body behind the boat!



Any opinions on whether I am understanding things correctly or have I missed it somewhere? I sincerely appreciate the time you experienced guys take in posting advice for those of us just developing the addiction!





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