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Teammalibu kicks arse!


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  • Baller_

@gjohnson I will gladly give up not buying Dogfish in return for what we have available to buy in Mn. @skidawg needs to boot-leg in order to get good beer.

@skidawg Take it easy and dont let all that activity at your lake push you. I wish I was down there to check out the new ride, we have ice on the edges again this morning.

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  • Baller

@MS MN has good beer and mother nature provides the ice!

@Dawg thanks for letting me get a set behind your new ride it was good to see you on the water again I sure miss the Cottonwood and Old Oaks gang! The new Carbon Pro skied and drove great I pulled JD and could hardly feel him at 1,3 and 5 either he's getting smoother or the boat just tracks that good!

Also I want to thank @MRJones and his lovely wife Linda for treating me to a set at their awsome site in Church Point La. on my way back from the LSU game, man what a weekend!!

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