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The secret to T-Gas' success


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@MattP, no agent involved. According to Water Ski Mag the story goes...


When Thomas Degasperi emailed 5-Hour Energy team manager Justin Blackman about the possibility of joining the team, he knew his chances were slim. “But what did I have to lose?” Degasperi says. “The worst thing he could say was no.”


And that’s pretty much what was stated in Blackman’s email response, other than he was sending him some complimentary product. Degasperi politely thanked him for the free 5-Hour Energy samples and welcomed Blackman to his ski school in Windermere, Florida, if he was ever in Orlando. It just so happened that Blackman was going to be in town within a week of their email exchange, and he took the two-time world slalom champion up on his offer.


One week later, Degasperi was teaching several new people how to ski behind his Malibu TXi and was giving Blackman a glimpse of how spectacular shortline slalom is and how he would be a great water-sports representative of the 5-Hour Energy brand.


And just like that, a sponsorship contract was signed, and a couple months later, Degasperi was swerving for a national 5-Hour Energy commercial.

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