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SOLD - 1994 MC Prostar 190-LT1-Powerslot-Refurbished Trailer


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Price: SOLD


Contact: Craig – craig (dot) r (dot) bradshaw (at) gmail (dot) com

Location: Cumming, GA 30040


A turn-key skiers dream for a fraction of the cost of a new boat! The LT1 Corvette engine and Powerslot transmission combined with the coveted hull of the 91-94’ Mastercrafts provides a skiing experience that is as good as any new boat. Perfect Pass Star Gazer included with the latest version (no magnet timing). The trailer was professionally refurbished by Boat Mate trailers in 2009!


We do not use her enough and don’t want to waste such a good boat sitting in the garage. So, we are looking for someone who will care for her just like we have.


This boat was purchased a little beat up in 2009 and I have attempted to put her to bed each winter in a bit better shape than at the beginning of the season. I have complete documentation for all the work I have done that I am happy to share with the new seller. A lot of the work is also documented here:




Exterior: 9/10. Original decals removed, gelcoat wet-sanded, buffed and new decals from Bay Area Watersports installed in 2009. Some deeper gouges still remain from the previous owner. Teak refinished in 2009 and lightly sanded and oiled at the beginning of each year.


Interior: 8/10. Heater (w/ y-tube for good idle heat). Perfect pass Stargazer version 2013 (no magnet timing). Added shaft access cover for access to shaft seal. Replaced engine box insulation. All vinyl cleaned and treated with 303 multiple times per year. Seam in drivers seat beginning to separate. Vinyl on motorbox showing age. Carpet in great condition. Dash in perfect condition.


Drivetrain: 10/10. LT1 engine with ~1212 hrs; performed flawlessly since purchase. Powerslot transmission also flawless with no slipping or signs of any problems. Engine oil changed every 50 hrs and when winterized. Transmission fluid changed every season.


Trailer: 10/10. Professionally refurbished in 2009! Added swing-away tongue, disk brakes, oil-bath hubs, LED lights (including reverse lights), and freshly powder coated frame. You will not find a better trailer on this vintage of boat!


Not pictured extras: Slalom rope and handle, original Mastercraft speedo gage (where PP is now installed), seat cushion floatation device, fire extinguisher, spare impeller, and fresh bottle of teak oil.


1994 Mastercraft Prostar 190 - LT1 - Powerslot - Refurbished Trailer
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