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Should prelim score be the first tie breaker in the world championships


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...as long as that applies to places other than First. Keeps from having large runoffs, particularly in SL for also-ran places. Think about the US Nationals, where ties are run off for as deep as 5th place, and can go on "forever", like in Men SL at the 1977 Nationals.


Back several years ago, WWSU scores in the Worlds were calculated as the SUM of the preliminary and final rounds. So, the winner might be well back in their actual score in the Finals. That was also around the time when there were just 2 jumps in the prelims. So, you pretty much had to go for it with your first jump. Bad jump, pass, or fall, and you were in big trouble. Hit a big score in the prelims, esp. in SL or JU, and you could almost coast to a win in the Finals.


When the World Rule was first changed, from sum scoring, some 20 years ago, even ties for first place were resolved by the preliminary round. When that happened right away at Moomba, the problem was immediately apparent, and I believe the Rule was changed within a year to what it is now.


Way-way back, even in the Masters (back when Overall was king), the winner there was determined by the sum of all 3 rounds. Leading to things like a monster win by 30 feet or so by Wayne Grimditch in his jumping prime.

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