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A new generation of skiers


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A New Generation of skiers has finally proved themselves on the Open World stage. This surge of new blood and youth is something that I feel like our sport has been missing for a few years at the open level. I looked at the skiers under 25 that made finals (top 12) in the World Championships. 7 of these skiers took home individual medals and for many of them it was their first Open Worlds! While some of them have been dominate at the U21 or Jr. level but carrying that into the Open levels is a feat in and of itself. Keep an eye on these names they will be around for some time.



Neilly Ross 10th Trick



Erika Lang - 1st Trick - 15th Slalom

Josh Briant - 4th Trick - 8th Overall



Giannina Bonnemann - 9th Slalom

Taryn Grant - 11th Overall



Iris Cambray - 2nd Trick

Steven Neveu - 4th Slalom

Lauren Morgan - 9th Jump



Jacinta Carroll - 1st Jump 8th Overall

Daniel Efverstrom - 12th Jump

Martin Kolman - 3rd Overall



Adam Pickos - 7th trick

Freddie Winter- 3rd Slalom

Ambre Franc - 8th Slalom

Manon Costard - 10th Slalom

Delfina Cugelivan - 13th Slalom

Zack Worden - 4th Jump



Nate Smith - 1st Slalom

Thibaut Dilland - 8th Slalom

Michale Briant - 6th Trick



Bojan Schipner - 3rd Jump

Geena Krueger - 9th Slalom

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