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Someone buy my 2013 Strada 67"


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I put this on SIA last week and I haven't got any interest,




Just need to get this moved out since I just got in my new Nano XT, any interest? The ski works great, and a pro looked at the repair job and said it will hold up well. I skiied on it probably a hundred times after the repair and it is still going strong.





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It's not a bad price at all... It's just early in the season. In may or june, people will have redeveloped that itch to upgrade. Seems like all winter, you see people selling last years high end models for around $600-$700. Then summer comes and you see people selling 2-3 year old ski's for $700-$900. Not sure if those older ski's are selling for that much mid summer but that seems to be the going rate.
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