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Splash Eye - End Course Help/Advice


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Hello Fellow Ballers


I am looking for some advice/help with the Down Course(End Course) Camera for Splash Eye.


E&A(Europe and Africa) purchased a licence for the software back in 2013 and I have been advised that in the near future, we are going to need it for all our tournaments here in South Africa.


Firstly, does anyone know what camera we should use for the Splash Eye, Down Course Camera? We tried using a camera with digital lens but couldn't get the buoys(in particular the gates) correctly focused as per their guidelines.


Is it possible to make it work with a camera with a digital lens? If not, what camera should we be looking at(model, lens etc.)


Do they use Splash Eye for the down course camera at all major events already such as Malibu Open, Masters, Moomba, US Nationals etc?


Thanks in advance.





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