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Senate Graphite or Vapour Alloy 2016


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I am after some advice and opinions. In the past I have done very little slalom skiing, but when I have I use a mates ski. I'm looking at getting my own so I can improve. The last couple of years I have ridden a Radar Vice Room 38 and absolutely love the speed and acceleration and the way it slices through the wake. At a demo day over the weekend I rode a Senate Lithium and Vapour Lithium 67 inch. Both were excellent skis, the Vapour seemed to be more aggressive while the Senate seemed a lot smoother. Both were flighty when cruising having a break (I know they are designed to be on edge all the time). I felt like I skied better on the Senate but my off turns were better on the Vapour. I am 77 kgs and 43. My limit for budget will get me a Vapour Alloy or a Senate Graphite with standard front open boot and rear ARTP which I am happy with. The little heel bootie may be off advantage to give my rear foot better stability.

So the question - Am I better off getting the better material Senate Graphite or the newer shape (skinnier) Vapour Alloy. I normally jump on a ski and ski at a comfortable speed for the ski not a set speed. I test rode both the top of the line skis at 32 MPH and felt comfortable on them both. Will I, as a hack that loves the speed, notice much difference in the different materials.

I can get a new Vice Room 38 with the same bindings for a little less. Is it silly considering such a buy?

Any advice or suggestions are very welcome.



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