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Where to ski in south florida??


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Looking for a place to ski for a couple of hours with my siblings and some friends in south florida around miami beach.


We are all beginner-intermediate level slalom skiers who could benefit from some good coaching.


Not looking to stay overnight, just need somewhere we can drive to and all take a couple of passes, we are located in Sunny Isles Beach now.


In the past we have went to the Lavelle Training School but its really best for wake boarding and we are looking for somewhere with more of a slalom focus.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • Baller

Greater Miami Ski Club may work. I took a set of 6 passes there last winter. I screwed up the name of the person I was supposed to ski with so confusion on site, but one of the members was then nice enough to give me a pull. I think my contact was Amador but for some reason I was saying Arturo (wouldn't you know they have an Arturo, too?)...my bad but it worked out...other than I probably inconvenienced Amador which I wish I could re-do.



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