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Any Wally friendly schools around Clearwater Florida


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McCormicks is running both a boat-pulled and cableski operation. This is their website:

http://skimccormick.com The cable is mainly for wakeboarders, but you could get

a warmup ski ride for low $ there. The cable runs at mellow speeds, but the start is

QUICK! If you want to use the cable, bring a helmet and vest. Both required.


The boat lake is starting to get busy now, in anticipation of Spring tournaments in Florida.

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  • Baller _

"Wally's" keep ski schools in business. The typical ski school student is a 15/22 off skier at best Don't be intimidated. There'll be lots of skiers just like you. Remember, at one point in his life, Nate was a Wally. Okay, maybe only like for a week. But still...


McCormick's is closest to Clearwater, but Lucky's is also in the neighborhood. Lake Alfred, a few more miles up I 4. I don't know what they charge at McCormick's, but Lucky is pretty reasonable.


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