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Does any one know a good spot to Waterski in West Florida ?


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Hi guys ,


I am brand new here, I heard that was one of the best forum about waterski so I figured out I should ask here.

I am heading to Florida (south west) in a month to visit some family, and I am looking for a good spot to Waterski and slaloms but don't really know anything about facilities here.

I heard about the "Eden ski lake", it seems to be a new Waterski club and the place looks stunning. Have any of you ever been there ? What do you think ? Do you know an other one in the area ? I don't really want to drive to the east coast actually....


Thank you for your help !


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  • Baller

Skied there last week. Great site and great skiing. Clubhouse is under construction, should be finished in a couple of months. Arthur is a nice guy and a good coach. Pretty well protected unless you get a strong north or south wind.




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Hi guys,


I definitely recommend ESL, I had a great time and Arthur was really helpful to me. Patient, kind, exactly what I needed since I am not that professional !

Actually when I was there they were recording a video.

They just made a post about it on facebook today, pretty cool to see the result ! It makes me want to come back sooner !

Here is the link if you want to check it :




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