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oldmanskier bought twin sister of ballofspray Centurion Carbon Pro.


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You're going to love it! I love mine. The ballast tank on passenger side is awesome and great for when it's just you and one of your ski buddies. Funny watching people move plastic jugs of sand and old steel free weights around trying to balance their boats!
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Work schedule and weather finally got in sync and I got to ski behind my 2014 Carbon Pro yesterday.


I just free skied at 28 off 32 mph at first. I wanted to see what the wake was like with one in the boat, full tank of gas and no ballast on passenger's side.


I tried just skiing flat across the wake to see if it would hit hard.

Just a very soft feeling as I went across the wake.

I then started getting more and more aggressive going thru the wakes.

No jar, bump or any feeling that would throw me off balance.

Best 28 off wake I have ever experienced.


My last pass I went for it and went thru the gates. Had a great one ball and was really early for two. I was very tired due to all the spinning passes and just stood up and rode back to dock.


My next outing I will either fill ballast tank on passenger side or have a passenger to see what wake fills like with more weight in the boat.

The boat has a very good hole shot for pulling me up (currently 207 lbs on a Goode WR) and is up to speed with plenty of time for course set up.

My wife said it tracked very well and was easy to drive. So far I love this boat.

Anyone have an opinion of the 22 off wake behind the Carbon Pro?

Our club boat hammers me so hard at 22 off I have not tried 22 in 4 years due to it does not take much to get my bad ankle sore. My level of skiing it would be good if I could start at 22off.

Hope everyone has a great season.



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I'm not sure what your club boat was, but I had no issues with the 22 off wake of the Centurion at 34 mph and 36 mph. I did not try 32 mph. In my opinion, it is as good or better than the TXi, 200, and new Prostar. Simply not an issue.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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