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Another new ski announcement


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This can't wait. I need to grab some of the market before the Denali 2, Goode Rev.7, and HO AX are released.


Coming April 1st, 2016, just in time for the spring thaw, from ski industry newcomer Just Technology.




Introducing the Just GoSki! Based on the 2015 Challenger D(eep), the all new GoSki! 2016 is like nothing you've ridden before. A different animal from tip to tail, it's a revolution in ski design. The Challenger D(eep) is a terrific ski, but it has a narrow performance envelope that holds less advanced riders back. This is the ski for everyone!




Bilateral Asymmetric Tip with RET Laminar air flows can slow you down and affect direction as a result of suction created by air flowing across smooth, regular surfaces. Bilateral RET (Ragged Edge Tech) is designed to keep the tip low by taking advantage of that effect only in the horizontal plane. The asymmetry of the RET tip eliminates the suction in the vertical plane so direction is left completely to the skier. Truly a "leading edge" technology that breaks wind ... it's like adding power-braking AND front-wheel drive to your ski!


Custom Flat Spot A stable platform is everything. How many square inches do YOU need? Give us only two of the following measurements: [length, width, square inches] and our magic formula will do the rest to create your custom ski.


King Invisa-Tunnel KIT blends rails and tunnel to perfection. No longer is there a need to choose a wider ski model with rails to handle slower speeds or to assist those new to the course.

Micro-textured Natural Running Surface Instantly tunable to suit varying conditions with STP (Special Tuning Paper available in multiple grits)


Sharp Edge XYz All edges are sharp out of the box. Can you say cutting-edge fast? (also tunable with STP)


Straight Sidewall Technology Don't be sucked in by 7 degree sidewalls ... that archaic design is used by other brands to help a ski release from the mold during manufacture. SST is 0 degrees for 0 degradation in performance.


Matching Edge/Rocker Profile A design so efficient that other ski brands have attempted to duplicate it. Our secret is in the direction setting "Straight MERP" technology.




Shark Gills (SG model only) Many ski builders add special lateral torsion layups in there designs which are not adjustable to your style and may compromise performance. Shark Gills are adjustable with a special putty and prevent overturning into excessive load. (undergoing final testing. Images not yet available.)


Carbon Rat Whip Tail Fin Soft, Regular, or Stiff WTF. Left or right-hand thread. No more complex DFT or Depth measurements - the tail IS the fin. Of course you retain complete control over the essential length adjustment. The WTF also serves as an antenna for the embedded geo-location device. Details available on inquiry through qualified resellers.


COM GUT Belt Attach the adjustable length cable from the GUT Belt to the centering pin on the ski and stand up... your COM will instantly be centered. Want COM forward a few degrees? Straighten your back leg, increase front knee-bend, and move your front foot forward as needed. (Shoulder harness is optional)


Freelease System "Bindings" were something used by the Japanese to restrict foot growth centuries ago... never intended for skiing. Set yourself free with the new Freelease System with InfiniJust. No inserts to compromise the integrity of the ski, no studs to break off, no messy formulas for adjusting tape... Choose your boots or go "au naturale" for maximum COM control. Self-adjusting release technology accommodates your skill level and conditions. Now there's nothing to hold you back!


Default top finish is "country rustic". Change the top to meet your sense of style with our customization kit (sold separately).


Reviews of the prototype on BOS:


@Chef23 "Love it."


@Horton "Wow"


@Wish "...nice..."


@Than_Bogan "awesomest ... even more brilliant!!!"


@gator1 "Finally! There is a way for Nate and the rest to get their back leg straighter. The COM/GUT belt is GENIUS! 43 will go down this year!"


@ToddL "Wow! I love the new ... Freelease system!"


@Zman "Might be the safest binding system yet."


@Texas6 "...Its extremely hard to compete with..."


@jerrym "... it should allow you to cast out a bit further. "


@crashman "awesome spray!"


@AdamCord " Bahahahahahaaaa!!"





GoSki! is an environment friendly product. Reduce-Reuse-Recyle


Very limited availability April 1st. This is a custom product. Pricing is "negotiable".




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@ozski no training manual needed... it's all automatic. Absolutely nothing to think about again... Just GoSki!


@rodltg2 there is no hole pattern. ANY boot is compatible with the Freelease System. Just make sure your order a GoSki! wide enough to accommodate your plate if your boot has one. Demos are currently available at any Home Depot.


Serial #1 is SOLD to @Bruce_Butterfield for $0.0000001. Shipping is $1499 anywhere in the USA.

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