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Pylon Cup Holder


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Hey I didn't want to hijack that boat sale thread anymore than it had been, but a skier did some extensive legwork to track me down so he could get a pylon cup holder. If it's okay with the admin's I just wanted to make myself known so the next guy wouldn't have to work so hard for it. Skiing is hard enough. :)





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I'll get some pics up. I wasn't sure if that was acceptable.

Meantime - here is a Facebook album link -https://goo.gl/OI3TtI


I offer them with stainless inserts or black plastic inserts, for $169 and $144 respectively. Email or call to order. The bracket is clear anodized aluminum. The stainless are by far more popular, but if you tend to put loose items in it, such as keys or coins, the plastic inserts are quieter.



They are a perfect fit for Malibu's 2.5" pylon, and we mill the bracket to 2.465". (If you dial caliper your pylon and find it at that diameter or less you should be okay) I have them in use on Malibu's, Sangers, and few I have no idea what boat it went on. The 2008 Nautique 206 pylon is at 2.80", so my current production run does not fit, and I assume the same pylon is in all SN's. So that being said I'll build up a run of them in the larger size. Let me know if you want to preorder one.



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So good news and bad news.


Bad news : I got in a 2008 206 and found that the pylon is 2.480", or about .030" too big for the current production design. I will plan to make a revised edition to fit the Nautique pylon, but let me know how many would be interested. Cost with stainless inserts is expected to be $189.


Good news : most of the drink sizes will fit. As the cup insert is a stepped unit to retain small or large bottles/cans, a key point would be to find the drink of choice that fits it nicely. You'll see in the photos that certain ones (Labatts Blue) will not sit flat, as it's diameter is in between the small and large steps in the cup insert.














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@Rawski, if it is truly a 3" like the Flightcraft outboards are, we might be out of luck. I need a minimum order of 30 to run an odd size, and even at that number the cost would be over $200 each. But, I doubt that it's that big.
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@thager, that's of course up to the individual, but my intent would be to never need that. In reality I doubt there will ever be one that is too small, unless someone is going to mount it on a tower leg. :) If someone takes sander to it, the first thing that happens is they will burn through the anodization, which isn't a big deal but it is a solid layer of corrosion protection and cosmetic durability.


For the Nautique owners, I've milled out 15 pylon cup holder brackets sized for the Nautique pylon, so in a 7-10 days or so I should have them back from the anodizer and be able to ship.



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  • Baller

@Peter_B Those pictures look like Harley's cupholder on his Malibu. The Robbins release does not fit with his cupholder. There's a long arm on the Robbins so it does take a lot of space.


It might work if the cupholder was moved a lot lower. But Ashleigh is pretty light so the rope release is fine for her. I'm extra careful anytime on a rope release but it works with the cupholder.


I'll try to get a photo. But he will probably remove the cupholder for this weekend's tournament. I'll try to get a photo of the Robbins release when I get to the lake.




Build a cupholder into a Robbins release!

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The cupholder can be mounted anywhere on the 2.5" section of the pylon, and with trick releases mounted to the 2" top, there's a lot of room for the cupholders to be placed. Not sure why one would mount so high as to interfere.

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