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Can anyone ID this ski?


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  • Baller_

Now that you mention it, it does look like the bindings are way back.

The front has the "dish out" like the elite, but the tip looks way narrower.


Also tail is much more round than most skis today.


I'll stick with very early proto of something new......or maybe something old that wasn't very popular.

If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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  • Baller
I was there and saw an O'brien logo on the bottom of the ski. Not exactly sure which model. I didn't get a close look at it, but some of the other skiers were commenting that it was an older model from around 2003 or so.
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  • Administrators

It really looks like the old O'Brien in that picture but my super secret spies tell me otherwise. At this point it's a mystery.


The truth is out there.



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