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New OB4 Semi-Soft Boot


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These boots are powerslide rollerblade boots. They are very light and good quality. I got my daughter to try a pair on her ob4 system last year.

She found the boots to be really stiff and the boa closure system means you have no adjustment on where you can specifically tighten the boot on your foot like you do with buckles. With her foot shape, she couldn't get them tight where she wanted and therefore had to really tighten the top buckle to stop her foot moving around which probably contributed to the overall stiffness.

They are nice boots but you would need either the right foot shape or to do quite a lot of fiddling and adjusting to get them to work well.

For the record, she has the original ob4 soft boots, which she still really likes.


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I agree with @Hipsup those shells are too stiff, the closure not suitable, and they also sit up off the boot plate making them too high... Not a good choice for water skiing...

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