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For Sale: 2007 196 with 505 hours


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  • Baller_

Boat purchased in 08 So anyone that's been around this sight long enough knows the legacy and performance of the 196 so I'll just stick to the facts. Since my buddy does not surf this sight I'm helping him out. Reason for sale: he found real surfing and that has become his passion. I have put many many hours both behind the wheel and at the end of the line with this boat. Performance is stellar. I've driven it for slalom, jump and trick and its better then most. Very dialed in. As for its care, it has lived on a crystal clear, and I mean crystal clear deep water private slalom lake all its life. It's been on a lift, in a boat house under a full waterline cover when not in use. Wiped down inside and out after each set with EagleOne Wax&Dry. Oil changed on schedule as well as all the other general maintenance needs. Like new condition would be an understatement. It has PP with slalom and jump switch. It is multi line display so easy upgrade to ZBox and is compatible with ZO conversion. Back seat never used and has been stored indoors. Asking 30k.








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  • Baller_



Boat now comes with a factory fresh 2017 Remlin trailer with all the bells and whistles. It's first use will be tomorrow when the boat is pulled out of the lake. It will have 0 miles with a boat on top.







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  • Baller

Nice ride & dock setup - location? Does it come with the boat house?


One thing to factor into price is what options it has. Looks like an SE based on seeing what I believe is traditional key start as opposed to the keypad.


Also - with the insane prices for new 200's that's gotta help keep the prices for 196's up. Locale can make difference as well - one of the lakes I ski on has a tunnel you have to navigate through that a 200 won't fit through, but my 196 does barely.



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