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Buying skis where


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I'm going to be buying skis during the coming week. I'm pretty new to waterskiing, but would like to get skis that are decent even for intermediate/advanced users (want them to be quite future-proof).


I'd like to buy them from online from a store located in the EU preferrably (to avoid customs-fee), but could consider an American/Asian shop if it's a really good price. My budget is around 600-750€ (650-800$), and I hope to get everything I need to get started with that (with exception to rope and wetsuit). What skis should I buy, and where should I buy them?


Thanks for the help :)


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  • Baller

HO skis at great prices in Sweden.


Prices includes 25% sales tax.

Froggy shish within EU.


Radar at decent prices at skimarin.se

Ask for great price.


My 2 cents. Go for a ski at your level.

You will advance faster on a intermediate ski compared to high end skis.


Best luck.


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