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The new OB4System is streamlined and lighter


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 The new OB4System Soft-Fit Boot is ideal for all Skiers switching from a Rubber Binding to a Releasable System.


http://www.ballofspray.com/images/2016/OB4Systems_FINAL-LOGO.pngAnyone switching from rubber bindings to a releasable system will enjoy the extremely comfortable new OB4 semi-soft boots. The water repellent liner is heat moldable, thus eliminating pressure points. The sturdy cable tie down system provides an evenly distributed hold and gives any skier an excellent control over the ski.

All the binding parts are made entirely in the USA and are of high quality machined aircraft aluminum or plastic for durability. Please visit our website: www.ob4systems.com for more information.

Season start special: 15 % off all orders received from 05/16 – 05/30 PROMOCODE: BoS2016.

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