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Coaching near Rochester, NY


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  • Baller_
There are no coaches as such in the Rochester area. There are lots of really good skiers in the area, though. Mike Dobberton lives in Honeoye. Dean Rudy and Jim Dibela are in Penfield. Dan Peckham is in Cato. I think Dan's club is taking new members. Steve Cole also lives in the area. Darrell and Crystal Debey are in Friendship. They are all good people. #iskiconnelly


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  • Baller

On Honeoye I would recommend hooking up with Dave Boyers, not a professional coach but if you are just starting out course skiing you can learn a lot from him, he has a portable course now as they lost the permit for the permanent course a couple of years back (bummer).


Also you are welcome to ski with our group on Conesus Lake, we set a portable course most weekend mornings at sunrise.


Another option you may want to consider is joining Aqua Sno (Irondequoit Bay Ski Club)


PM me anytime

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