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Skiing with Wade Cox at the Orlando Watersports Complex


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I just want to share my experience skiing with Wade.




Many of you that have been to Orlando and have flown in have driven by the lake that sits just of off the freeway. The site was nice and easy to get to. A brand new course had just been surveyed and dropped into the lake on the North side against the freeway. The south side of the lake is a cable park. I did not notice any rollers from the wake boarders. Note to early morning skiers, since the course is E/W it can be bright especially if there is a ripple on the water. If you can spot the entrance gates and pull out at the right time the sun doesn't become an issue.


The staff were very nice and accommodating but you are expected to be there at your appointed time. This was a little different for me since usually you just slide into a rotation if there are other skiers. In this case you might be sharing water time with a W/B boat(not at the same time though). I believe all sessions are based on time not on passes. You have a 30 min sessions($80). For us as skiers, we won't likely hit that time threshold but the W/B certainly do.




Wade was great. He is very laid back and had a great attitude. He had great pointers that really helped my skiing. I did have to give him a hard time about his operation of a Nautique. Since he was a MC guy the Nautique was a little different experience for him. It only took one pass to figure out that the boat was in trick mode in stead of slalom ;). I would absolutely recommend skiing with Wade. The lake is very nice and if you have a multisport family you can get in some cable park riding in as well.

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