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Great Sport, Great People, Great Companies!


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This is stuff we all know however we forget how lucky we are. Slalom skiers are great people and the passion shared by the individuals of this minority sport is off the scale.We were lucky enough to travel to California from New Zealand with a ski bag in tow. We were traveling to the Western USA for work reasons , not skiing which is our much loved hobby.

Our Coach and Radar distributor in New Zealand contacted Radar as both Katrina and myself ski Radar to help us find a ski stop or two.Long story short. Radar asked Horton and we ended up skiing with John Horton 5 days in Bakersfield. Katrina really liked the wake on the Centurion. We ate authentic Mexican and loved it. Drunk to much and made life long friends. on our way to Vegas we stopped in on Horton seniors lake to see some Water skiing history. The first man made ski lake in the world. Thank you Duncan Hancock, Ball of Spray, Radar Ski's Centurion boats and Gordon Rathburn. We had a set with Bob Edie as well. John Horton's neighbor.


Can't Thank everybody enough

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