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Herb's Cup Wrap up


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Writing this on the plane flying home from Herb’s Cup at Crescent Bar Washington.




First thing I have to say is what an amazing place to have a water ski tournament. The skiing conditions are not exactly like you would find on a private lake but who cares. The place is beautiful! Crescent Bar is a sleepy off the beaten path golf and boating resort.There are vacation rentals for everyone and a salty bar for lunch and beers. This is not a typical water ski tournament site. This would be a awesome place to bring non-skiing family members. I would honestly love to take a ski vacation there.




As for the skiing, I was lucky enough to ride in the boat for the seeding round. The wind was howling so the guys slowed the boat down to 34 mph. It is so humbling to see how easy the best in the world can run 39 (55k) even in 20 mph winds.



Last thing I want to say is thanks to Chris Sullivan and all the Radar folks for putting on this event and inviting me to come watch. Chris wants to build this event up to be a world class pro men’s slalom event, and I cannot think of a better venue. Herb would be very proud.







More photos when I get to really edit all the images




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I was not there today but they did a team Pro AM. Below are the scores @eddie_roberts_jr sent me.


Neveu 4 @ 41

Rosco 4.5 @ 41

@FWinter 1 @ 43

JMac 1 @ 39

TW 3 @ 41

KC 6 @ 39

Brooks 2 @ 41



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Stephen Neveu is like 8 foot 1 inch tall. I remember reaching up significantly just to shake his hand and got a kink in my neck attempting to make eye contact. Tall..... See podium photo above..Freddy looks short.
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Friday was white cap windy.

Saturday and Sunday were great conditions. Super family friendly

Great announcing and atmosphere.

Sunday was a cool format with the pro-am. Chris Rossi came around the 5 ball in great shape I thought he was running 41 for sure looked like he just missed the handle. Then there would have been two skiers running 41 off


Congratulations to Radar, Mastercraft and INT for putting on such a great event

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