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If you have ever skied at BallOfSpray HQ there is one thing I tell every skier. Guess what it is?


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  • Baller_

@Horton you're not capable of telling anyone just 1 thing:


1. Bring beer

2. Bring good beer

3. Bring Scotch

4. Man is that Skidawg ever a jerk

5. Your fin is all whacked out

6. I HATE people who use long links

7. I ski too much

8. I'm getting bored with this website crap. I need to get a real job

9. Your ski is a lever and you are a teeter totter

10. You don't need to stack if you are on the right ski

11. Dang Rossi is getting old. Look at that Gray hair


If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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@Drago perception vs reality. I say "try" to ski tall with straight lets. I do not expect anyone to actually go all Jeff Rogers and actually get their legs locked out straight.
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  • Baller
FWIW, the straighten the back leg technique to stand taller and move COM forward over the front foot is legit. I coach beginners to do this as part of a pre-pullout and post exit gates inventory of body position. I believe that muscle memory is real and habitually doing something correctly is the foundation of better technique. Thus, as many seconds as possible that a skier can stand tall and over the front foot is a valuable building block to better stance in the course.
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