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VTX vs. Pro


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I've been on both this summer. The VTX was a really easy ski to get on, felt really comfortable right away. It has a wide tail so it's easy to get up on the ski at the turn, and this ski loves to turn. One issue i had at 38 off on my offside turn is i had more tail blowouts then normal, probably due to the wide tail. I've been on the PRO the last couple weeks. The pro is much stiffer. The stiffer ski has amazing wake crossing and accelerates with little effort. This ski also shuts down speed really well into the buoy. It has a narrower tail which makes the tail really planted (No tail blowouts) but you also need to get tall and on your front foot into the turns. When you get tall the front of the ski is incredibly supportive. This ski gets better the shorter the line gets. Quick summary of my opinion, the VTX felt great from the start, rips turns, really fun ski and easy to adapt to. The PRO is a true short line ski, it really shines at 32 off and shorter. Hope this helps.
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