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3 Fantasy events going on this weekend!


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Fantasy Water Skiing is back this weekend. There will be 3 events available to play this weekend but hurry b/c draft rosters must be in 8am tmrw Saturday September 16th, 2017. You will not be able to draft once the event starts like you were able to for the Open Worlds. We can only do that when scoring will be instant and we are not sure if that will be the case this weekend!


Event #1-The Queens Cup in NC: draft 2 womens slalom skiers, salary cap is $200,000. All scores will count, there is a 2 round prelim and then a head to head and handicap finals. Scores for FWS will not be handicapped, they will be scored with regular buoy counts. So the better the skier the more points but if you select a handicap skier that advances far they can be valuable as well.


Event #2 and #3-The Ball of Spray Cash Prize event in CA. Here we have 2 separate drafts and events available to play in. You can enter the head to head event, here skiers get 2 rounds of prelims and then a head to head finals. In this event skiers are valued according to buoy counts and scored that way as well. You can also enter the BOS handicap event. Everything is the same here as far as scoring and prelims but here each skier available to draft has the same draft value since each as an equal chance to advance, however FWS points will still be awarded by total buoy counts so better skiers will score more but once again skier who advance can bring valuable points if they ski more rounds.


Have fun and keep the feedback coming...next weekend is the Europeons Championships followed by Malibu Open.



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