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This pod cast, which I will re-watch today some time, touches on something I have been trying to figure out. How to bring my hips and COM over my front foot better, without relying too much unduly arching my lower back, bringing my hips up, etc. Marcus says it simply. You move your hips relative to your feet. Which can be just a shifting of the hips. And to do that, it is a whole lot easier if your hips are open and can move well.


How that move works is something I am still exploring. If I stand in position (LFF for me) dryland, and play with it, it feels like a straighter rear leg and more a little more front ankle flexion, which allows for a shift of the hips over the front foot. I am thinking you have to start there coming in to the turn, and coming out of the turn, not fall behind by progressively moving those hips over the front foot in the direction of travel and along the ski. And having even load on the arms makes it easier. How open to the pylon and line in order to promote even load depends on heel side/toe side, and how open you are physically. Any further thoughts on how to make that shift/move would be appreciated. Meanwhile, thanks again for the podcasts.

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