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Malibu Open Fantasy Waterski Drafts are Open! Test your skills!


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Team rosters will be made up of:



MJ-2 (includes night jump)


4 rounds of skiing

Total salary cap -$1,150,000

Draft deadline Friday 9/29 @ 8am.


We are keeping a close eye on which skiers are going and we'll keep you updated.

For those of you that drafted already there has been a lot of entry changes so you may need to adjust your rosters.



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  • Baller

Another minor issue (that seemed major at first): I was able to add Regina twice, but then after removing the duplicate, which appeared to remove both copies, I couldn't add her at all.


But after reloading the page, I saw that Regina was in my draft window. So the main bug is being able to add people twice, and the lesser bug (since it will disappear after fixing the main one) is that removing a duplicate removes both copies on the screen, but only one copy internally.

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@JeffSurdej Can I change my user ID? I was thinking along the lines of username/password as opposed to "how I will be listed." So I'd like to change it to simply "Than".


I didn't quickly find a way to do that via the website.


It is pretty awesome how many people are signed up for this! I've been following fantasy waterski with some interest, but this is the first time I managed to actually get signed up and make a draft. Looking forward to being part of the fun.


And also: The rest of you are GOING DOWN!!!!

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