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Water skis for kiting


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I picked up a cheap pair of water skis to us to play with on the water with a kite. Just want to try something different. In looking at the skis and re-reading some posts about using skis for kiting:


"I uploaded a video which we made a few years back. It features one of my early outings on skis.

In the video I used some twinskates made by Reflex. The boot-bindings are pretty good for the purpose but the skis had too much rocker, could have been wider, longer and with a little less sidecut.

So after this I made my own which work much better.

If anyone would develop a step in binding and refines the ski design then there could be a chance for this to take off but it needs some people spending time and money on it.

Personally I loved the gybing and I believe with the right equipment and some more practice it is possible to pull some mental high speed carving gybes."


I see some of the problems. They seem pretty narrow compared to a kiteboard. I'd probably be interested in using just a slalom water ski, but two skis might also be fun. If just one ski (stock) I'd really need to be powered up. It's got me interested enough to try a winter "build it yourself" project. As a kid I remember using old, wooden water skis that were straight edges, wide, and long--much different than what I bought. That design would probably work better for kiting. Whaddaya think?






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