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Question about potential devices to assist deep water start.


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We have the typical friends that are too heavy, old, weak, and/or inexperienced to get up on one ski. I was going to make something, but found the following that might work.

Has anyone used the RAVE Aqua Buddy Trainer for 180lb adults?





Also, has anyone tried something like the Clark Fork Pontoon from Cabelas?




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  • Baller

there are various strap-like set ups that have been used by a lot of older guys. the basic idea is a single piece of nylon webbing (like seatbelt material) coming from the buckle area of a waist belt or double straps coming from behind the back of a belt. the strap is simply laid over the top of the handle (*not* a full wrap around) and clamped by one of your hands. if two straps coming from behind are used then each hand clamps one.


The guys who use them swear by them and @Horton can probably explain more since i know his dad has used one.

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