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FlowPoint Podcast #25: HO Shreducation Q&A, DAVE WINGERTER, HO Skis V.P.


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I get to hang with Dave Wingerter, HO Skis Vice President, as he works through the questions brought to him by you guys, via BallOfSpray.


Just a sample of the questions covered in this podcast from Ball Of Spray Forum:


There seems to be a lot of back and forth with the Ballers about binding design. People have discussed toe height, release mechanism design, cuff height, buckle tension…etc. What are your thoughts on these things and the future of binding design at HO?


Are modern skis better better specifically because they weigh less or do they weigh less as a result of better materials?


Bob LaPoint is a 5 time world champion from another era and you are an engineer with an aerospace background. When started to work together were there any unexpected revolutions. Can you share some the ideas that he brought that you did not expect or vice versa?


Been told by many, that ski companies will design the mid weight ski such as 66” and 67” skis and the 65” and 68” don’t have the design time, instead just scale the ski to size. And due to that its better to go with one of the mid weight ski. Any truth to that?


How do release dates play into the design process? Do you feel pressure to get something new out “in time”? What if the design is not ready? Would you consider skipping a model year to prefect a design you’re confident in?


I have the Syndicate Hardshell front and the HO choptop on the rear which I really like. But apparently HO has done away with the choptop (its not on your website any longer). So what good options does HO provide for the rear foot if somebody has the hardshell in the front? I am not a toe-loop guy.


What happened to the step bottom used on S2, seems like you guys spent a bunch of time working on that innovation. P.S. I really like that ski.


When was the A1 first released and could HO produce an anniversary production run?

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Great video Marcus, Dave! See you guys at Nationals.


I would have never thought that my question about the pontoon bevels would mean that they were for grip because the rate of concave moving in went up. I thought by looking at them that they provided more support when the ski was on edge or in a turn. Very cool to learn the reason for them and how they work. Thanks!

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  • Baller

I loved this! Maybe it's the engineer in me but the ski development information is so cool. I can't get enough.


I kind of figured the speed skin created a turbulent layer so the water releases from the ski. Similar to a golf ball. Makes sense that it would only really help in smooth water, I didn't think of that.

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