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Introducing Personal Best Stickers #earnahandle


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Within the My Stats feature of AWSA's mobile app, when a member achieves a personal best within the last 12 months, a yellow Personal Best banner appears. Clicking on the banner creates an email requesting one of these new Personal Best stickers, which we hope people will collect and display proudly as a symbol of their recent achievements. Up and coming skiers may collect many of them, and who knows, they might become coveted like the those on high school & college football helmets. Skier and officials can earn a handle for a number of achievements such as winning Nationals, being a chief official at a major event, or other significant accomplishments.






The Personal Best feature picks up scores back as far as 2009. It considers all scores for an event, regardless of division, speed, line length or ramp height. As the name implies, it determines your Maximum event performance.The new feature is available to members who use the AWSA app and their regular membership login to authenticate themselves in the App. This opens access to the My Stats feature, which allows you follow your own rankings and scores, or follow other members by adding them to your watch list drop down, using only their First and Last Name, or MemberID.


The app may be used on your phone using the link below. For you convenience, instructions automatically explain how save the AWSA app icon to your phone's home screen for quick access. Computer users can just bookmark the browser.


Download Now


Or go to this URL: https://www.usawaterski.org/rankings/mainmenu_m.asp








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