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Old Rookie trying to picture how lines and handles differ


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We are certainly not high performance skiers in my family, but weekend duffers who go out for a couple of sessions on a weekend. I'd like to get a new handle and line and am trying to figure how this can make a difference and wear out as fast as I see some claim. Does the line stretch in a way that makes one perform better than another? Is there one style of handle that is preferable for slalom skiing? We aren't going through a course, just trying to make a nice turn linked to the next one.



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Handles are preference. The bar is either round or sometimes oval in profile. Width overall from 11 to around 15 inches. They can be straight or contoured in the middle. Bridles may have protective tubing or not.


Mainline are mostly sold by how many loops. You can save money by not having all of the loops for shortening. Or like me if you pull lots of two skiers and rec people I rebuild my rope putting the 43 41 39 38 35 etc first and sort of alternate because otherwise we wear out 15 to 28 pretty quick and it let's you move ahead of any bump in your boats wake.


Slalom ropes have some give/stretch which saves your elbows but does wear out so replace periodically keep it out of the sun when possible and don't let it knot and you will get good service.

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Here are some handle options for a "bent" handle with "anti-roll" features from my preferred custom handle maker (You can also get a straight or radius handle with similar options and without antiroll):



Length: 12" or 13"

Diameter: (.888) (.940) (.970) (1.00) (1.03) (1.062) (1.092) (1.125) (1.183)

Spectra Color: Dark Grey, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink


Other options:

Cross Bar

Ski Guard

Vinyl Tubing past the V (only)



I prefer 1.0 inch diameter bent handles, 13" wide, with a cross bar and anti-roll features, but no vinyl tubing to keep the rope from fraying.


The best handle is the one that fits your hand, is comfortable, doesn't hurt your elbows, and makes you smile every time you grab it.


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