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Awesome trick tournament


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Liberty Lake and the Nason family hosted a great tournament this week. It has a reputation as being really fun. A midweek afternoon tournament that has been a sleepy little tournament in years past. Not this year!


At the noon start time, I watched the horror showing on the Nason's faces as they were measuring the number of rides vs the remaining daylight. So many showed up to ski! Tons of kids especially! There was a worry that there wouldn't be enough skiers to qualify the boats - no problem. Too many hours on the boats was the issue. Fortunately the Nasons were extremely efficient at keeping the tournament running smoothly (and comfortably for the skiers) so all the rides did finish before dark with excellent conditions.


Thanks to John for bringing his non promo new MC and to Kevin for bringing his new Nautique.


It was really valuable to get three rounds behind the new Nautique. Liberty is a bit shallow so my choice of 25% ballast wasn't quite right. Class C handle throw (I'm such a prima donna) and a reset to 50% made the wake nice. This is a great wake and it's really nice to have options to adjust to the site. The table is pretty bad - coupled with my weak knee, I struggled with surface toes. Any prop recommendations to smooth out the table? Hopefully some fix can be found. Smooth out the table and this could end up as one of the best trick boats ever.


Tricking is thriving out here! Thanks again to all the people who support it!





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