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Seeking ski buddies/water time/ski clubs near Schaumburg, IL


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  • Baller_

Hey everyone, I'm a beginner course skier (28mph 15off, though I got that on only my 3rd day in the course), and I live in Schaumburg, IL (NW suburbs of Chicago). Being in the course has given me the ski bug real bad, but I don't have consistent access to water time, so I'm looking for as many local ski buddies and skiing opportunities as I can find!


Does anyone have any suggestions or leads in the area?


Even if you don't have a connection to water time but live nearby, I'd love to connect just as a fellow local ski enthusiast. I'm 6balls's nephew, if that mattes to anyone lol.



- Steve

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  • Baller
Any help for my nephew Steve appreciated, ballers. Running the course 3rd try on minimal experience he has potential and is hungry. His older brother who has access and is after it as well is 3 hours away so something closer would be great.
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