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what is this about?


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It's about time.

Zero Off has to get new software updates approved and still gives you 9 settings to chose from. Boat manufacturers have to get new boats approved but Masterline was allowed to just change the ropes for this year without having to get approval from anyone and with no options for the skiers.


I shouldn't be forced to use a rope that is that much different from last years ropes unless I choose to.


Nice to know IWSF has realized this and taken steps to make a difference.

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@mshaw200 - I'm reading that differently than you are. To me its saying that regardless of what they supply you are going to use it and you are going to like it.



The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation announced today it has passed the following rules exception for class L/R events for the remainder of 2019:

10.04 - h) Differing rope specifications – Organizers will supply ropes that meet the above specifications.

Ropes may be:

1.) the same brand with the same specifications; ie. two masterline optimized ropes

2.) the same brand with differing specifications; ie a masterline optimized and non-optimized masterline

3.) different brands altogether. ie. a proline and a masterline optimized


A minimum of 2 ropes of each type must be supplied and there will be no more than 2 types of rope supplied. If different ropes specifications are used, skiers will be permitted to choose which rope to use. No re-ride will be granted if a skier receives the wrong rope. A skier cannot provide his/her own slalom rope.



So if you show up to a tournament that has 2 masterline optimized ropes - tough titties that's what you get, if you show up to one that has a masterline optimized and a masterline regular rope you can pick the regular version - but if you get pulled and it was the optimized that was tied to your handle - again tough titties no re-ride.


And you cannot bring your own.

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@BraceMaker What I'm seeing is that IWSF realizes that there is a real difference in the two ropes and is allowing a tournament to provide 2 options if they choose to....and I get "if they choose to".


It's nice that this is an option. I don't think it's right that Masterline was allowed to change the ropes as drastically as they did (in my opinion) and skiers weren't given any options.


I get that if they only have the new rope then I'm stuck with it, I personally think it's crap and hope I don't get stuck with it. And I'm also hoping that tournaments will do what they can to have both options available for skiers to choose from.

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