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Mounting Position of new Zero Off single ECI puck


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Hi All


We have an 2014 Australian built TXI that is currently running the dual garmin pucks.


We wish to change to the new single ECI system and Revo S.


Can the new single puck be mounted up under the dash (under the fiberglass / gelcoat) where the existing Garmin pucks are mounted. The garmin pucks were mounted here from new and have worked in this position.


The reason I ask is that all new boats seem to have the single ECI puck mounted on top of the deck in front of the windscreen.


Your experience / thoughts?

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Hmmm. Not sure on the answer to your specific question, but on the '16 TXi that I had the single ECI puck was mounted on top on the driver's side.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that even if it can be mounted underneath I'm assuming they put it on top to get the best signal possible.

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When I did the upgrade on our 2010 Response with Freddy Krueger, we talked possible mounting positions of the ECI puck.

Our Response had the dual pucks on top of the deck in front of the windshield. Due to the different shape and size of the ECI puck we couldn’t use the pre-drilled holes.

He told me that they tested mounting the puck inside the windshield on a MC with no issues.


So I plugged the existing holes and mounted the ECI puck inside the windshield on the drivers side.

No issues whatsoever, still get connection to 18 to 20 satellites and times are spot on.


In your case, before drilling into the gelcoat, I would just try it below the deck. Just keep an eye on how it connects to the satellites and if the times are right.

The fact that the new ECI puck comes with a connector right at the puck makes it fairly easy to change the mounting position later on.

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