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Radar Vapor 2020 sizing question


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Hey Peeps


I want to purchase a 2020 Radar Vapor Lithium


I'm currently unfit and my weight is around 211 lbs (worst ever)


Realistically I recon 198 - 206 lbs is my future and worst case 216lbs when I'm little fat again


Looking at the size charts of the Vapor Lithium

68" 376.49 SQ" 7.03" 36 MPH COURSE 180-220 LBS / 82-100 KG

69.5" 393.28 SQ" 7.18" 36 MPH COURSE 200+ LBS / 90+ KG


I can't test the skis as I'm living in another country so it's a once of purchase


So the question:


68" or 69.5"


I recon both will work but what would the difference be / feeling be between the 2?

Pros and cons?


Thanks guys, much appreciated!



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Forgive me guys but I know little...


@ColeGiacopuzzi 1.84m tall, 14m rope, 34-36mph speed on a old Connelly Concept 68" . I think this ski has a top weight of 200lbs and because I'm the heaviest I've ever been it is starting to sink in my turns. I've skied a friends D3 a couple of years ago and immediately realized I needed a better ski because I could do the same and much more off the bat on the D3 with less effort (it was a 67" but my weight was at 187lbs then). I just never had the opportunity to buy a better ski and now I do but I weigh almost 30 pounds more lol. I also skied on a HO CX 67" last year and I was 7kg over the top limit and the ski was a disaster when hitting my turns. Had to raise the boat speed to 38 to stay above the water in a turn or my legs would push the whole ski under the water (never want this experience again size wise and also realized that I need a top end ski and not a crossover because it's not aggressive enough)


@paul413ski Interesting, is this @ 36mph? Also, I wonder if the 2016/2018 is broader or slimmer, It seems they slimmed down the 2020 Vapor so I wonder what the dimensions are vs the 2016/2018


I struggle to get my head around this ...a broader ski has more surface area so does this give you a higher ride in the water that drags less or actually because it has more surface area more grip but with more drag...but then again a slightly slimmer ski will ride deeper (less surface area) so does this make it slower or actually faster with more grip in turns because it has less surface and sinks a bit deeper.... and so I chase my tail round and round because I know nothing lol and this isn't even including fin settings just ski surface :dizzy:


Is it better to rather have a bigger ski than a smaller ski or vice versa if you had to take the plunge in the end ??



Thank guys

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@ColeGiacopuzzi but does this mean I can ski at a lower speed with a bigger ski? I don't do course because we don't have the facilities but I do pretend to have a virtual one. When I go out on the water it's always business and I ski as hard as I can trying do make sharp turns. That' how I have fun although I'm a complete cowboy (never had any coaching so bad technique haha)


@Stevie Boy that's interesting about the size..I am committed but truth be told the last 2 years I've been struggling with injuries that has kept me back so it's hard to say


Here is a picture of my cowboy style (don't judge me :smile: ) I would just like to do this on a better ski and not one that is 25year old technology and weighs a ton




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  • Baller
At 36mph, I wouldn't hesitate to get the 68". Even at 34mph, I ran a 68" at 235lbs without much issue. Above that weight, 69.5" is about the only option for 36, as the wider 69" Senate will struggle to turn at 36mph.
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  • Baller
@Corne , for an answer to your question "can I ski at a lower speed with a bigger ski?" the answer is yes. Longer and/or wider ski's work better for slower speeds. They ride higher on the water and don't slow down as much in the turns as skinnier skis. That's why they designed the Senate to be a little wider because it's intended for a max of 34mph.
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@ColeGiacopuzzi Thanks again for your continuous responses Cole, means the world and thanks for the @rico info


@A_B thanks,you might have already answered my next question below


@vernonreeve thanks for clearing that for me!


So this brings me to my next question (feels like I'm making progress because you guys are helping me tremendous)


I honestly don't know why I ski at 34-36mph? I remember over time I told my dad (boat driver) to go faster as I felt like I could turn harder/sharper at a higher speed (maybe the water gets harder at higher speeds so you can get out of the turn? I literally don't know)


Then my rope started to slack from the sharper/quicker turns so I shortened it more and more till it stopped at around 12-14m.


So everything was done on feeling / feedback not coaching or technical advice (we don't have it where I live) ...Cowboy


I'm clueless as to why I ski at 34-36mph? All I know is I want to turn as hard and sharp as I possibly can and if I manage to make it I go on to my next turn. It's not about hitting the next buoy because we don't have a course. For me it's pushing my personal limit on every turn and this is where I generate my fun from.


I think this best explains my situation and mindset about the whole "get a new aggressive ski like a Vapor shape and get the correct size to turn sharp/hard"


So will the 68" turn sharper than the bigger 69.5" or sink too deep in the turn when I put leg pressure on it? Or will the 69.5" ride too high in the turn preventing me to dig it in and generate a sharp turn? :dizzy: :tired_face:


Thanks for all the help and advice thus far guys!

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  • Baller
I would be surprised if you got areal hard turn out of a 69.5", your description of style leans towards the Denali C75 but |Mega Bucks, what I would suggest is that you look to buy something off of "SKI IT AGAIN" you would probably get a 68" at a fairly good price and if it does not work out, relist it on SKI IT AGAIN to recoup the money.
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@ColeGiacopuzzi 68" it is then ... thank you Cole!! :sunglasses:


@Stevie Boy I took a look and man this is something else hehe. Fortunately my Uncle is coming over next month (no C75 stock) so Vapor it is otherwise I would have had to sell my left kidney to afford the Denali :smile:


Almost feels like Dejavu...the year after I bought my 68" Concept (Fiberglass) the whole revolution of carbon fiber came out and I've missed out on it for almost 20years. Now that I am about to buy my first carbon fiber ski a new ski design might revolutionize the industry lol...talk about Murphy :smile:


Maybe when my uncle comes around in 2021 and the C75 has more reviews/tournament results I will pick one up from someone or on "SKI IT AGAIN"

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