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Distance From Center – Episode 29 - Syndicate Waterskis 2019 NCWSA Nationals


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@Horton I disagree that the domestic team at Bama skied below their potential. They had an amazing tournament! Highest finish in program history. Their weakness this year was the mens trick team in my opinion. Did they have a shot at the title? Yes, but they needed a number of mistakes from both ULL & ULM for that to happen and they did not.


Bama PBs at Nationals (that I know of)

Quinn Hanes - 190' SAC Regional Record

Blake Keller 175' (7' PB)

Brett Stackpole - 174' (19' PB)

Bailey Grathwohl - 121'

Abbi Grathwohl 2@38 (tied PB)

Taylor Grathwohl 4,050

Dan Prochaska - 2,320

Brooke Baldwin - 4,430

Anna Gay - 5,560 200pts shy of her collegiate PB.


Pulling the rest of the data.

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@MattP I would be curious to know how many points different it would be if the Bama girls slalom had all skied closer to thier averages
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Rough Math Bama Womens Slalom would be up 330pts and 1990 team points. Still in 2nd. I think THINK that would put them in 1st overall. Will need to officially re-score it tonight.


Brooke skied 1.5@39 AVE 2@39 (not updating this score)

Abbi skied 2@38 AVE 6@35 (not counting this as she skied above her AVE)

Geneva skied 5@35 (she has only run 35 twice in 2 years)

*Anna Gay skied .5@35 AVE 3@38

*Taylor Grathwohl 1.5@32 AVE 4.5@35


*scores updated in Team Scoring

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