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Mobile technical video setup for judging waterski competitions


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The goal og this topic is to share our experience in building what the title explains and gather your experience in further enhancing our mobile technical video setup unit.

The Danish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation are in the proces of building a transportable unit containing all technical equipment required for judging three-event waterski competitions. This was decided because the individual waterski clubs had difficulties procuring and maintaining a local setup, as high quality equipment is expensive, and the preparatory work always comes with issues of time-consuming troubleshooting. Instead of 5 semi-functional setups at each local competition site we wanted to build one highly-functional, transportable plug&play unit that could be shared among the sites. It would be more cost-efficient to establish and also to maintain and upgrade as innovation occurs in the field of cameras, mounts, transmitters ect.

It was a frustrating project from the get go. It was immensely difficult to find descriptions og gold-standard solutions. The USWaterski list of equipment seemed somewhat outdated. We reached out to different high-end waterski sites and technical officials - that's when we started getting info. Shout out to Slåstad Waterski in Norway.

THE MOBILE UNIT (thus far)

Fedele Luzzeri boat mount (Jolly Ski)
- Marshall CV355-10X
- R2TECH DLV1 digital transmitter and receiver
- Marshall Electronics CV-USB-RS485 Adapter (for controlling camera adjustments from judges tower)
- RS232 RS485 433MHz LoRa 100mW 20dBm Wireless Transceiver TX RX E32-DTU-433L20 (2x) (same as above)
- 433Mhz antenna (2x)

  • Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle HD (for recording and reviewing)
  • SurePath GPS Boat Lane Tracking

We are still missing a solution for gate cameras. The main issue is to find a solution that will work on all sites. Sometimes coax is easy for both cameras and sometimes we need wireless as at least one camera needs to be placed on the water and far far away. 

In the upcoming off season we will build the interior of the unit so that it's easy to unpack and install at a new site, and more importantly, easy to pack it all back in with explanations of where everything goes. 

We have no affiliation or agreements with any of the above brands or products. Just wanted to share our solutions as we are quite pleased with it. Any recommendations on further enhancement are much appreciated.  





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  • Baller

Very interested in this thread.  Can see this working for some states or regions in the US as well.

For Gate Cameras CAT5 cables and 'Video Gates' on a windows10 Computer can work very well and isn't too costly, portable tripods for the cameras if there are not posts pre-set.


Our club is fortunate to have a decent tower for scoring and judging of slalom + jump using VG & VTM

Trick is a 'Whole Different Animal' that requires a lot of space and personnel. We have imagined a 'Trick Trailer' about 7'x16' with AC  and counters to accommodate 4 judges stations, one handles the video clips/timing (from cards or downloads) and the other 3 score from individual monitors in front of them.

As iTrick becomes more available the trailer could be easily used for that system as well.


Good Luck @rasmusmikkel 

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