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How many men have run 41 at 55k?


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Here is the list

Skiers who have run 41/10.25 34mph/55k
1. Jeff Rogers - 55k 2012
2. Andy Mapple - 55k 2014
*Frederic Halt - 55k 2014
3. Aaron Larkin - 55k 2018
Greg Sund - 55k 2018 Class C
4. Adam Caldwell - 55k 2019
Cale Burdick - 55k 2023 Class C

* In a runoff. Does not count as an official score

I also show that Buddy Shear holds the M3 MidWest All Tournament Record (Class C) 1@9.75 from September 1993 at the Lyons Invitational in Lyons, Michigan. Not sure what is up with that or it could have been news at the time. Predates my time in the sport by a few decades. 

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Ok @MattP so the no BS list is below. ( I am OK with runoffs )

1. Jeff Rogers - 55k 2012
2. Andy Mapple - 55k 2014
3. Frederic Halt - 55k 2014
4. Aaron Larkin - 55k 2018
5. Adam Caldwell - 55k 2019

So who is next?

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@AdamCord Has the potential to go way past 1.5.  On the c95 he is turning 1 ball tighter then I ever though possible at 43 on just the few attempts he has had at it. The trick for him is figuring out the body rotation and ski setup to set up for a solid wake crossing to 2 ball. But if he gets there, I think he will go to three with ease.  

That being said, its going to take ALL the stars lining up to pull it off which is a huge challenge in itself, but I have a lot of confidence in his ability to get it done.

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