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Water Ski Competitions for Juniors?


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  • Baller

Every tournament has a Junior division! Head over to https://www.usawaterski.org go to Events and then Event Search or Register  and sort by state to find a local tournament. Still quite a few left this season! Some offer online entry or others mail-in. We here can advise which are a good fit for first tournament (for example Class C are more affordable and family-friendly while the Record tournaments are $ and more serious) 

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  • Baller_

We have two tournament sites in NY that draw lots of kids. What do they have in common? A rope swing. 

There’s a tremendous club in CT at Avon. They have a beach and lots of games and things for kids to do when they aren’t skiing. 
I think practically every kid has a one wheel to ride, plus bikes, dogs, etc  

Kids will have fun if there is something to keep them entertained when they are not skiing. 

So my suggestion is to ask other parents in your area where their kids like to go to ski. It’s got to be pretty boring to be 10 with nothing to do but wait 3 hours for your next turn to ski. 

Tell us where you live and I’m sure someone on BOS will have a suggestion. 


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