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2019 Nautique 200 lake temperature gauge


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On most boats, including my 2012 200, the depth and temp are both provided by an Airmar bi-ducer. I expect it's the same setup in a 2019. These bi-ducers aren't terribly robust and fail pretty often. Are you still getting a depth reading? I've seen them fail where you lose temp or depth readings. But it's most common to eventually lose both depth and temp readings. They connect directly to the boats CAN network. If you're getting either reading then that proves the wiring is all good and it's still talking to the LINC screen. If you've lost both, that either means the bi-ducer has completely failed, or you do have a wiring issue that's disconnected it from the Canbus. 

Not sure if this is the exact right one or not, I'd get the part number off of yours and call before ordering one. 


You can buy these directly from Airmar, but for MasterCraft I know they have MasterCraft specific part numbers and Airmar isn't allowed to give you a cross reference. I expect the same is likely true for Nautique as well. They are specific to the tilt angle of the hull where they are mounted.

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