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California Pro VLOG // Professional Slalom Water Ski Event


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    The 21st rendition of the event was just as show stopping as always! With the cancellation of Hilltop this year, the team had a long trip for just the Solo event and they decided to try make the most of it! Fun times with the crew and some seriously top notch skiing always make for a fun trip!

    Thank you to Marcus Brown for some extra footage
    Time Stamps
    00:00 - Early Rise
    00:30 Travel
    02:50 - Practice Set
    03:57 -  Adventure Day
    06:06 Preliminary Day
    08:03 - Round 2
    10:51 - Head To Head Day
    15:38 - JUMP JUMP JUMP

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41 minutes ago, Andre said:

Great work Rob! Appreciate the non skiing footage ! Keep on!

Thanks, it was great to hear the feedback and like always any more is well appreciated! Missing this weekend but the next one is a road trip up to Malibu so will be some gems in there I’m sure! 

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